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If you're looking for Debby and Carol's photo challenge, you're in the right place! Like many creative people out there, we've decided to challenge each other to each come up with a picture a week for the next 52 weeks, taking turns picking each week's theme. However, unlike most others, we're not using fancy cameras and showing off our PhotoShopping skills. Nope, we're limiting ourselves to our phones, and our pictures will be undoctored. Join us here each week for a new picture!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Week 29: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time for family, but sometimes the gathering you hope for just doesn’t happen.

My daughter was not cooking as Thanksgiving fell on the anniversary of her father’s death, always a bad time for her.

I was invited, as I am every year, to celebrate with my son’s in-law relatives. But the sudden death the day before of my daughter-in-law’s uncle cancelled those plans.

My sister-in-law was sick all weekend and didn’t cook. They were fortunate to have good neighbours who share, and delivered plates full of turkey and all the fixings.

I have no such neighbour, lol, and made do, my Hungry Man and I, for a turkey dinner.


Thanksgiving seemed like an obvious choice for this week, seeing as the Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated over the weekend.

Due to the expanding nature of the hubby’s family, for several years we found it easier to rent a hall and have dinner there, everyone bringing their favourite dishes and the turkey being cooked in the hall’s oven. A little cold and impersonal to my mind, but it worked. But now the kids are mostly grown and have families of their own, so we're back to separate dinners.

I meant to take a picture of the table all nicely set, the food steaming in the center, everyone waiting to dig in, but as usual, I forgot until we were already started. We may be a small family, but there was a lot of love, as well as food, at our table.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Week 28: Harvest Time


As our growing season comes to an end, we see the last of the harvest in all its glory. Apple trees, their branches bending with the weight of their fruit. Fields full of those huge round bales of hay... all lined up, and wrapped up.

Is there anything that says fall better than pumpkins? There are the carved pumpkins for Hallowe’en, the ever popular Jack ‘O Lantern. And then there is an abundance of pumpkin flavoured offerings like the Tim Horton’s Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I admit I am a traditionalist. I like my pumpkin in a pie, maybe a muffin, but not in my tea or coffee, or any other very inventive concoctions.

Just pie, plain or fancied up with some whipped cream. And isn’t it nice that the weekend is our Thanksgiving. I see a slice of pie in my future.


Harvest time. Boy, does that bring back the memories.

This is a farming community, or at least it used to be. When I was in high school and the teacher would start taking attendance in September, a good third of the class would be missing – “Brian’s out working tobacco” or “Sarah is picking apples.”

Apples, corn, and tobacco, the big three. People are more health conscious these days, so you don’t hear much about the tobacco crops, but we still have an abundance of corn and apples. Friday nights you’re bound to run into swarms of the migrant workers, imported from Jamaica or Mexico, as they cash in their well earned pay cheques and load up supplies for another week.

While it would have been great to take a picture of one of the bountiful harvests that are still just a few miles beyond the town limits, it’s been a pretty rainy week – not exactly the best weather for road trips or pictures. So instead I offer a picture of my own meagre harvest. My neighbour with the big garden has a rule – what grows through the fence is mine. I’m thinking it’s almost time to harvest my crop.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Week 27: Let the Sunshine In


I have a fascination with abandoned buildings. There is such a history to be told in each and every building, lost when boarded up and left to wreck and ruin. I can watch the pattern, as it progresses, not the right word, to total neglect.

First there are the curious, maybe those acting on a dare, who cover the walls with lewd comments and other graffiti. Then there are those who aim to add to the damage done by nature and neglect, who break windows and doors.

As if someone cared, the windows are boarded up, the doors locked, the memories closed tight within to haunt the empty halls. Here is a place that begs to let the sunshine in, but I’m afraid the darkness will win out.


I love the sun. Specifically, I love the sun from a distance. I like to sit outside in the summer when the sun is shining and I’m in the shade with a cool breeze blowing. I also like sitting in the cool, dark house and just look at the sun shining outside.

This summer I spent a lot of time sitting inside with the curtains drawn to keep the sun out. I may be a fan of the sun, but not of the heat it generates. And we’re not even going to discuss the humidity.

This week was not a particularly sunny one, but we had at least one day bright enough for me to take my picture. One of my fondest memories of going to church with my mother is the way the sun shone through the enormous stained glass windows.

My bathroom window can’t really compare, but it still brings a smile to my face.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Week 26: In Memory


It has become common place to see a cross or a bunch of flowers, at the side of the road where a fatal accident has occurred. A deadly reminder to those on the road to go with care and caution.

These sites make me stop and I give a moment of silent sympathy for their friends and family. Many years ago a young woman was killed when she was thrown off the back of her boyfriend’s moped. They were riding on a dark country road, without lights and drove into the back of a parked car.

The monument that has been built there I find really disturbing. The roadside weeds have been cut back and a small grassy area is contained with wooden edging. There is a post with a box on top that displays the photo of this poor girl, protected behind glass.

I drove by there one year in March and noticed that it had been decorated for Christmas with artificial garlands and poinsettias. They were faded and worn, blowing in the wind and I was upset seeing this obvious neglect. Who goes there to decorate with the seasons and holidays? Why there, at the place of death, such a painful reminder of their loss? Why not flowers taken to the burial site, to remember a life ended too soon, than to constantly be reminded of the manner of death?

I went there, thinking to take my photo, and found more faded decorations. But a flowering bush has been added to the mix which will hopefully survive and change with the seasons. I can’t help but wonder which memory that girl would rather her family cherish. I find cemeteries a peaceful place, so that would be my choice.

For my photo I chose flowers left on the fence alongside the railroad tracks. The tracks, the flowers and the setting sun in the background. Time will only tell what kind of memory, or remembrance this area will become.


Once upon a time we had a dog named Kelsey. She died early one spring and the hubby dutifully dug through the half-frozen ground to give her a proper burial. When spring was a little more temperate, we created a small garden with a fountain in the center as a memorial to her.

This garden became known as Kelsey Park and over the next few years three cats and several gerbils joined her. Only the hubby knows for sure where they’re buried and apparently he already has spots reserved for the remaining three cats.

The garden doesn’t look like much right now, but early in the summer it’s the showpiece of the backyard. Our memorial to our pets that have passed over the rainbow bridge.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Week 25: An Apple A Day


Fall’s sweet bounty. I love apples, and with the cooler temperatures there are no end of apple recipes to try. I remember the ongoing argument I had with my father-in-law, about apple pies. I love cinnamon and he was a nutmeg guy, so, of course I had to make both. For my Dad it was apple dumplings. Been awhile since I’ve made either, apple cake and muffins for sure, but not a pie or dumplings.

Just saw apple tacos on Facebook. The tacos baked with a coating of cinnamon and sugar, the apples cut up and cooked with brown sugar. Looked very tasty.

So many recipes, so little time.


When I came up with this week’s idea, we were in the midst of a couple of days of cooler, fall-like weather. The fall always makes me think of apples – apple pie, apple cider, or just biting into a sweet, crunchy apple.

Of course now we’re back into the hot and humid weather, but apple season is still upon us. I just won’t be baking any pies yet. :-)

Instead, I’ll just go down to my freezer and pull out an apple loaf that I made in the spring. It may not have come straight from the tree, but it works for me!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Week 24: Butterflies


I never took the time to visit the newest park downtown, though I would often drive by. I’d see the skaters on the outdoor rink in winter, and the butterflies flying high in summer.

I stopped and walked the park when I selected the Love Locks Bridge for an earlier blog photo choice. This was the first time I’d seen the beautiful butterflies up close and could appreciate what a lovely addition they were to the park.

Colour and movement. The breeze from the lake causing ripples in the shallow water that fills the winter rink.

I should get out and around this town I call home more often.


I love butterflies!

Many years ago I used to walk home from work, cutting across a park that was more like a big field. One day, I had to step carefully because the grass was covered with monarch butterflies. I’m guessing they were taking a rest from their yearly migration, but it was an amazing sight. Too bad there wasn’t such a thing as a camera phone back then, it really had to be seen to be believed.

Sadly, the butterfly population underwent a sharp decline, but over the last couple years they started making a comeback. This year I’ve seen more monarchs than I have in the last several years put together, some even in my own back yard. Hopefully they’ll continue to multiply and some day I’ll get to see a field of butterflies again.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Week 23: By the Light of the Silvery Moon


When I decided on last week’s topic of painted rocks I assumed, incorrectly, that Carol might do some painting with her granddaughter as I had. She never ceases to surprise me, for her submission was totally unexpected.

I forgot about the rocks, as I was painting canvases instead, and had to rush to get something done in time for the blog. And since I had all these rocks on my table I kept on painting, and ended up painting a piece for this week’s Full Moon.

I can safely say I am done with rocks, but it gave me some fun and the break I needed.


I love the full moon. I love the way the light reflects on the water or shines through the trees… I love the way it lights up the landscape at night.

The full moon this week was the Sturgeon Moon, so named by the Native Americans because this is the time when the sturgeons start to spawn around the Great Lakes. So it seemed only natural that I drag the hubby down to Lake Ontario to take my moon picture. The moon was a gorgeous reddish colour and reflected on the calm water of the lake.

It was so beautiful that I went home and got my good camera to take what I thought would be better pictures. Alas, National Geographic is not going to be beating down my door for my photos. The ones I took with my phone pretty much showed a reddish dot in the sky. The ones with the good camera caught the reflection of moonlight on the water nicely, but the moon itself looked like a cluster of three.

But then, as I was feeding the cats before going to bed, I noticed the moon outside the kitchen window. It had risen high enough I could see it clearly over the tops of the trees behind our house. So I took my phone out onto the deck and took my pictures – every one was a winner, but this one was the best. LOL